I am always amazed where creative inspiration comes from. In this case: an old chair, a car park in St Lucia and a masterclass with the genius Caribbean photographer Kirk of stluciabykirk.com

So here we are on holiday, on Kirk's tour of this wonderful island. Richard has signed up to improve his architectural photography skills and we've been chatting about my business too. We've not left the car park, and Kirk spots this chair. He has me taking the hair grips out of my hair… and Richard is on his first photo assignment.

Richard and Kirk

Something I have really wanted to do on my website is to incorporate photos taken in natural daylight. Fortunately, Richard has a passion for photography as great as mine is for illustration. I have packed some of my Down in the Deep Blue Sea jewellery with me, carefully packed in a Tupperware container.

I can think of no better place in the world to photograph the jewellery than on a tropical sandy beach with a sparkling blue sea in the background. They are, by the way, sitting on the side in our apartment waiting for another day… but what Kirk showed us was how you can find beauty quite literally anywhere. How incredibly ironic it is that we came all the way to the Caribbean to re-learn this truth in a car park.

Chair with Jewellery

Using a macro lens Richard is able to show the detail of my illustrations beautifully. Up till now, he has found reflections challenging. Given so much of my work is encapsulated behind glass, it has a tendency to reflect everything around, including him! But Kirk, like all experts, makes it look so easy. With some very simple light baffling, the correct aperture and shutter speed, we get there.

The results are outstanding. The texture found in the fabric of the chair seat is an incredibly simple backdrop for Way Out There in Space. I can already see that the inspiration for a new set of photos has been born.